July Update

We are less than 90 days away from our ideal departure date!  Here is a short update on what we are doing and how God has been faithful.

  • We are meeting with potential supporters almost every day.  God has blessed us with a community of believers that loves missions and is patiently listening to our plans and encouraging us to continue following God.
  • Through all of these meetings, God has provided 40% of our total financial need.  We are learning to trust God in new ways, as He is in control of every step of this process
  • Within the next 6 weeks we will be downsizing to a room in Sara’s mother’s house.  This will make it easier for us to leave when the time comes, as well as give us more time with our family.
  • By August first, if we have 75% of our total support pledged, we will buy plane tickets and have a firm departure date!

Here are a few ways that you can pray with us this month.

  • Support: Pray that God provides the remaining 60% and that we trust Him for our needs.
  • Marriage:  We want our marriage to be a testimony to the Gospel rather than a hindrance to our ministry.  Pray that God continues to bless our marriage as we prepare for a big transition
  • Logistics:  There is a lot that needs to happen in the next 90 days for us to wrap up all of the loose ends here and start a new life 7,000 miles away.  Pray that each step is smooth and hassle free.
  • Ministry: Pray that God would begin to draw to Himself the students we will be meeting while in Taiwan.  Pray that Sara and I would be bold and courageous witnesses of the gospel.
  • Growth: Yesterday we recounted what the Lord has taught us through each of the meetings we’ve had in the past month, as well as how we have seen His faithfulness in the past few years of our lives.  Praise God with us for his steadfast faithfulness!


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