The On Ramp


The Taiwan Train is leaving and we are on board!  We are fully funded and have booked tickets (bought them this morning) to leave on October 1st!  Its hard to believe that 12 weeks ago we only had a third of our support.  God is so faithful.

As time moves on, things are becoming more and more real.  The reality is both exciting and scary.  It feels similar to the first time I drove on the highway. I knew that it would be a challenge and an adventure, but it wasn’t until i entered the on ramp that the butterflies started fluttering in my stomach.  At this point there is only one way to go, and that requires getting on the highway!

These past few weeks have been full of big transitions as we relocated to Sara’s mother’s house and I’ve started training my replacement at my job.  If these transitions are any indication of the future, the enemy will likely try to rob us of our joy by keeping us unsettled and distracted.  I believe this past month has helped us become more prepared for the next step, and for that we thank God.  His sovereign plan is again and again better than our own!


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