The Way Forward


The past few weeks have been filled with many conversations about our plans, our hopes, and our fears about following God’s leading to the mission field. Through those conversations, I’ve been thinking a lot about our plans, as well as contemplating God’s plans.

I doubt it will be a surprise to any of you, that God’s plan graciously involves the church which He is building. We often take it for granted that we are His witnesses, ambassadors of the Kingdom of God. I think this should be a little shocking to us. Christians, who but for the grace of God would still be His enemies, are His chosen means of making Himself known. Paul goes further in Ephesians 3 to tell us that God’s plan is to make His wisdom known through the Church!  These are wonderful plans, and we are all blessed to be a part of them.

Our first plan is to move to Taiwan!  We will start off in Kaohsiung sharing a big apartment with our co-laborers.  While there we will be investigating neighborhoods and finding apartments to rent.  After we settle in, we will be hiring tutors to teach us Mandarin 3-4 hours a day. With the rest of our time we will be reaching out to college students whose English skills are good enough for us to converse with. In addition, we will be assisting the team we are interning with to plant a new church. Throughout all of this, our larger goal is to learn as much as we can about church planting, ministry, and life on the mission field. When we return next September, we will consider what further plans to make!  We hope and fully expect to continue heading towards long term church planting missions.

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