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Martins Family October Update

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that Sara and I have been doing the same tasks for the last 6 weeks. It’s as if October 1st was a mirror and the last three weeks have just been a reverse of what we did in September.

From mid-September, we were saying goodbye to friends and visiting our favorite places one last time. Then we packed up our stuff and disassembled our house.

Then we flew to Taiwan.

Since then, we have found new favorite places, set up our Taiwanese home, unpacked our stuff, and met new people. It has been an adventure, but we are quite ready for this season to be over. 

Our first step after arriving was to look for places to live.  The Taiwanese website allowed us to search for apartments using many parameters. Having no previous experience with this, it took a few tries before we figured out what we wanted.  In the span of 10 days we looked at 45 houses available to rent (30 for Jake and Steph and 15 for Sara and I). Last week we rented a small apartment on the north side of the city!  After much cleaning, unpacking, and organizing, we are ready to start “normal” life in Kaohsiung.

Criss-crossing the city, Sara and I had the privilege to see many neighborhoods in Kaohsiung.  We also had to buy things to set up our apartment which allowed us to get a feel for other parts of Taiwanese culture. As a result, the subway system is not confusing anymore and some areas are starting to become familiar.  There are even a few restaurants that we look forward to returning to, especially the Beef Noodle place right down the street!

From here we will start language school, survey the city, and make new friends to start inviting to bible studies and church.  The rough schedule looks like this.

Last week of October: Find language tutors
First Half of November: Survey the city; settle into language school
Second Half of November: Conference with other missionaries in Asia; decide where to focus efforts
All of December: Make friends and promote services which will hopefully start around Christmas! 


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