Martin Family November Update

To describe this past month as a whirlwind would be an understatement. At the end of October we were still looking for language tutors and still settling into our new homes. The Lord provided language tutors after a interesting search that included posting flyers on college campuses all around town.  On Nov. 4th we started studying Chinese for three hours a day, five days a week.  The rest of our time was spent searching for places in town to start a church.  We visited around 35 existing churches, asking their pastors for advice and insight.  We drove through at least a third of the city, street by street.  One day we even rented bicycles and rode around for 2 hours in the hot sun! That wasn’t our best idea. Luckily for Sara and I, the area that we currently settled on happens to be really close to our house.

On Friday the 14th, missionary friends from around Asia (pictured above) came for a team orientation.  We spent time talking about Taiwan and how to start churches here. The missionaries from Thailand, India, and China shared their stories and asked for input on their plans. It was exciting to hear how young men have converted from Hinduism in India, and a church has recently been officially organized in China.  For those of us in Taiwan, the conversations were an inspiration and a challenge.  We had two days of class with Pastor Gardner and his wife Betty from Vision Baptist Missions.  We learned a lot, were reminded about important truths, and were exhorted to be in the word and be praying. 

As soon as our friends left, our entire team got the flu in varying degrees.  Sara had a high fever for most of the weekend, and I was completely out of commission yesterday. It was a little depressing being cooped up in our home far away from our family.  We are thankful for all the prayers, and for the doctors who gave Sara some pretty great medicine.  I’m happy to say that we are both on the mend and ready to hit the books again tomorrow.

Starting this week, our only task besides language school is make a lot of contacts. Then invite them all to the launch service the Sunday after Christmas!  We now have a church website and we printing business cards this week. We hope to put a deposit on our location before the end of the month.


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