Funnel Time!

House: Check
Language Tutors: Check
Church Name: Check (Throne Church)
Website: Check
Business Cards: Check
Meeting Place: Check
Scooter: Check!
Taiwanese Friends to Invite to church? In process

We are spending the next 30 days doing nothing else besides language school and making friends.  We’ve gotten started this week, and we’ve already met a few people with good English!  Our methodology can be broken into three basic steps. (called the funnel)

1: Turn strangers into acquaintances. 
There are many people here in Kaohsiung that we do not know, and who have not heard the gospel.  It is our job to meet them and become friends with them.  We do this by attending events that we are interested in, playing sports, being friendly with everyone we meet, and being willing to stop and talk at any moment.  If we talk to someone and get their contact info, and they have ours as well, they are no longer a stranger, they are now an acquaintance.

2: From acquaintances to interested friends
After meeting someone, we invite them to an event or hang out with them at another event.  The goal is to get to know them, ask lots of questions and gauge if they are willing to be friends with these crazy foreigners.  At this point we also ask if they would be interested in studying the bible with us.  8/10 people will say no, and that is ok.  We still try to hang out with them and invite them to church.  We also are not pressuring anyone.  We frame the question in terms of learning more about Christianity in order to make an educated decision about it.  

3:Potential Disciples
Out of 20 people, maybe 1-3 people will be willing to study the bible with us.  We will walk through a series of lessons designed to teach about what the bible is and what claims it makes.  Our goal is to spend as much time over the next ten months studying the bible with unbelievers.

One note about this process.  We are not tricking anybody into being our friend.  From the beginning we let people know we are missionaries, and that we are starting a church.  Our goal is not to deceive people into the kingdom!

Pray for us to have courage and boldness to reach out and meet people.  Also pray for the few friends that we’ve already met.  Wawa, (yes that is her name) has agreed to study the bible with Sara, and is interested in bringing her family to church.  We also have met Rui Lin, Yi Hong, Pin Hong, Tina, Nicole, Cynthia, and Siang.

Pray with us!
Phil and Sara


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