Recap: #mamichavezintaiwan

My mom wasn’t always supportive about my decision to discontinue higher education to pursue global missions. She has worked every hard to give me financial means to earn a degree that would provide stability. Like any good parent, she was concerned for my future. However, through many discussions and disagreements about saying no to a master’s degree and saying yes to daycare position right out of college, two years later, I was eager to show her what our sacrifice allowed us to gain. 

My mom came to Taiwan and spent ten days with us. I was able to welcome her into our home and introduce her to our friends, our church family, great food, and beautiful sights. We lived out what a typical day for us was, she attended Chinese class, Spanish language exchange, an English class that our team hosts weekly, church, and helped us meet more people! How did she do this? 3 reasons…

1. She is Peruvian

We were at Starbucks and we were talking in Spanish and little did we know that somebody was listening. A girl named Cristina introduced herself and asked my mom where she was from in Spanish. Crazy! She is a high school student from one of the language schools near by. I got her contact information and I pray that we can become friends and she may know who Jesus is.

 2. She is a great cook 

I enjoyed showing my mom all the markets filled with earth’s goodness. She was so generous not only to make us delicious meals like lomo saltado (which we usually don’t have time to cook for ourselves…so this was a treat) but she agreed to cook ceviche so our Taiwanese friends can taste genuine Peruvian cuisine. Did I mention she made enough for 30 people?!

3. She loves people 

Watching my mom embrace the people who have been a part of our lives the last six months and their culture made this experience quite special. Even when she was jet lagged and was literally falling asleep at the table she did it all with a smile. 

I thank God for the opportunity that he gave my mom to fly 10,000 miles away from home and to visit us in Taiwan. It’s an experience that I will never forget


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