Who is Sherry?

My relationship with Sherry began at Starbucks where we have Chinese class. It was a regular day and I was packing up stuff to leave and I hear short clearing of the throat followed by “excuse me”. She asked me where I was from and if I spoke Spanish. Our interest in each other’s culture kept us connected and this was the beginning of a genuine friendship. 

Over time Sherry has opened about her life, her beliefs, her fears, and what she values. When Sherry was 18 her mother, who was a christian, died

unexpectedly in a car accident. Being very upset she told herself she would never go back to church. Recently, she told me it seems as though God has purposefully put believers in her life, and he is trying to get her attention too. 

Sherry is a very smart girl. She has a degree in Physical Therapy, works part-time at a clinic, tutors math and English at a cram school, takes a Spanish class on Saturdays, plays the piano during our church service, and is currently studying for an entrance exam to go to medical school to get a master’s degree in forensic science. She is the oldest in her family, she is in a relationship, she is very artistic (she does some graphic design jobs on the side…when she has time), scuba dives when she is stressed out, and enjoys studying the bible with me. Yes, Sherry is a very fascinating person. She is ambitious and her dreams are big. But we know she needs Jesus.

Sherry has expressed many times she wants to understand  what God is saying in His word. She wants to know why did God have to take her mom away and she is also concerned about how “talking to her mom” at the temple might change if she becomes a Christian. I believe she is considering to become a Christian very seriously. I am asking you, as fellow saints, to join me now in praying for Sherry. Let’s ask our God, who’s mission is saving people, to send the Holy Spirit to open her blind eyes, deaf ears, and soften her stone heart. For his Word to be made alive and real to Sherry. To the one who anything is possible, let’s us ask that Sherry will have the courage to put her confidence in one who came to earth and laid his life down for his enemies, and rose on the third day conquering death and sin and not in other things that don’t. We are sinners that need to be redeemed by God in order to worship him, love him, and enjoy him forever. My prayer for Sherry and for all of us to believe in the hope that will lead us to eternity with our Creator. 


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