Lexi’s Said Yes!

Lexi has been sleeping over almost every weekend. She would stay with us on Saturday so we can go to church Sunday morning. Little did I know, last weekend would be different. I was so tired from prior events that day and I wasn’t looking forward to having bible study with her. She seemed disengaged the last couple of times we met and I was feeling discouraged. Thank God it’s not up to me to save people. God opened Lexi’s deaf ears to hear and blind eyes to see.

One Sunday morning, Jake preached a sermon about atonement. Lexi understood that Jesus’s sacrifice was the only thing that could remove God’s anger towards sin. She understood she deserved that punishment but that Jesus replaced it with his own life. I told her if she believed that was true but didn’t believe in Jesus, she is still guilty before God.

Back to the discouraging Saturday night, Lexi and I talked about salvation. We talked about what it meant to repent and reinforced God’s promise to forgive and remove our sin. We discussed our response to this gift, this good news which should be to trust. Trust that Jesus is the only one who can save us for our sin problem and trying to put our confidence in anything else would be in vain.

Learning about grace and no matter how many “good works” we can do, we can’t achieve to receive this gift. I told her what it meant to have new life. This led me to ask the question, “Are you willing to abandon all other hope and put your confidence in Jesus?” I nervously paused and quickly said, “you don’t have to answer this right now. You can tell me..” She interrupted me and said I want to trust Jesus, and I want to do it today.” I couldn’t believe it. She said this truth was amazing. Indeed it is.

People to be Thankful for:

1. The Lord who has faithfully been working in our lives. The One who gave me a husband who has trusted Him with our lives. The One who has blessed our desire to come to Taiwan.

2. Our supporters who financially provide for us. You have sent us to learn from veteran missionaries and appreciate your prayers for God’s saving power in Taiwan.

3. Our mentors Jake and Steph. They challenge us and teach us how to work in full-time ministry, exemplify how to love God and sacrificially love people.

Things to Pray for:

1. Lexi’s had some reservations about becoming a Christian. She was afraid of returning home with a lack of fellowship and community. We are hoping we can connect her with some brothers and sisters in her city.

2. Lexi continues to learn, find a church that preaches the Gospel, and gets plugged in.

3. Lexi to not get discouraged as she returns to China from experiencing disapproval from family and peers.

4. For me to be diligent to keep in touch with her and find ways to continue our friendship.

Lexi said she doesn’t have to be anxious about leaving anymore because she knows that God won’t abandon her wherever she goes.


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