Mini Update-Sherry & Lexi

It’s been a whirlwind of events here in Taiwan. However, our team couldn’t be more excited for these two girls who decided to put their faith in Jesus and get baptized.

Just to catch everybody up, after many months of studying, Sherry was not able to pass her exam to get into medical school. She was three points away from getting the score she needed. At first this was very difficult for Sherry but she prayed for God’s will and she is doing much better. During this time, Sherry has been in a relationship for the past six months and they plan on getting married next fall. Tomorrow we will be going wedding dress shopping and I can’t wait to see them on her.

Lexi is finally settled in China. Last Sunday she visited a house church but they do not continue services during the summer. So she is back at square one and we are hoping she can find a solid house church soon. She is finding it hard to stay encouraged when the people around her are challenging her faith. She is also trying to figure out a thesis for her masters. On top of everything else, this  past week Lexi’s cousin was hit by a car leaving him unconscious. This is a very hard time for her cousin’s family but she told me all she can do is pray for him and his family.

Please keep these girls in your prayers as they plan their future and continue to press on knowing God deeper through it all. We are currently studying the book of Colossians. Pray that we remain faithful to our weekly Skype dates and Starbucks meetups. I pray that the Lord guide us and that this can be strengthening for them as well as for me.


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