Sherry’s Testimony

I grew up going to church and I heard many stories about God when I was a child. I got baptized when I was five years old but I didn’t know what it meant to be baptized. The teachers would tell me that God loves me, cares for me and he will always forgive me when I make some mistakes. But I didn’t understand much about sin so I would usually pray when I wanted God to give me a gift. Or I would ask him to not allow my parents to blame me when I break dishes or hit my sister.

As a high school student I prioritized my school work and future and I had less time to go to church. Eventually I would only go to church on major holidays like Christmas or Easter.

However, my mom put her faith in Christ as an adult and became a Christian. But when I was a university student she was hit by a car and passed away. I felt very sad and angry during this time. I had so many questions. Why would God allow this accident to kill my mom, why did God let us suffer from this terrible situation. The bible says that God loves us and care about us, but in this situation I couldn’t believe that. This made me doubt if the bible was really true. I thought God had forsaken me. I made the decision to never go back to church.

Since then it seems that God was chasing me. He put so many Christians in my life it was hard to ignore him. God gave me an opportunity to meet Sara. We studied the bible together and during one of our lessons she told me about how no one can come to God, no matter how good you think you are or how hard you try but I disagreed. But as I learned more about the bible I understood that I was not as good as I thought. I would always put my career, my future, my dreams above God. Now I am certain of the one who created the universe because he also created me and he is worthy my life. This is how I decided to put my faith in him when I knew I needed forgiveness and Christ is the only one who can take away my sins and allow me to have a relationship with God.

Lexi’s Testimony

When I was little my mom took me to a house church, besides that, I didn’t really know anything about God and Christianity. I thought it was a western idea. Before I came to Taiwan I started to read the Bible and became interested in it but I had problems understanding it. I met some Christians in Taiwan and they invited me to come to church. You guys!!

One day during Jake’s sermon I learned we are not perfect, we all sin, and this makes us guilty. And the only one who can remove the guilt is Jesus. I started to experience this guilt over my sin and couldn’t find peace in my heart. But I couldn’t make the decision to follow Christ because I was afraid of going back home and not having Christian friends around me. And being quite new in believing in Christ it would be hard to discipline myself in finding a church and reading my Bible. During this time I was studying the Bible with Sara and she helped me realize that I don’t have to be anxious about the future because God gives me His Spirit and He will take care of me.

So last week I  made the decision to receive this gift of salvation. I put my faith in Jesus. I believed that He removed my sin, gave me new life, and I believe He won’t abandon me no matter where I go.


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