T28: Why I didn’t like Chinese at first? Because I was constantly being humbled and embarrassed. And I didn’t like that ? What gave me a new perspective on learning Chinese? Meeting people

God wants people to know who He is. He chose a plan where people who know the the message would tell others about the message. He allowed me to see the need for people in this country who do not know or understand the truth of the Gospel. And how language plays a huge role to fulfill that need.

When I would meet someone who I couldn’t communicate with because my Chinese was not up to par something began to kindle. I put aside my pride and started to speak the little Chinese I knew. And whether I introduced myself or asked what university they went to, it started to create a relationship that otherwise wouldn’t have happened.

I’m not anywhere close to being done with language school but I’m so thankful for the people that I have met that have motivated me to learn the language and have encouraged to keep going.


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