incredibly blessed

incredibly blessed


Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking back over our time here in Taiwan. Time and time again, I have just felt an overwhelming sense of how blessed we are. I want to share a few of the things I’ve been thinking about.

Ambassadors of reconciliation
I’ve had a few different jobs in the last decade, they all have their pros and cons. Nonetheless, it would be misleading if I did not express how amazing the job of missionary has been. Every christian gets to experience the joy of sharing the gospel and discipling other believers. That is certainly not exclusive to those in full time ministry. The difference is that this was our day in day out work. What an unbelievable blessing! To be God’s messengers, sharing His good news, and to see him work! I can not express how amazing it is to have the occupation of Christ’s ambassadors to the world. (At least one tiny corner of it)

Training and mentoring
The previous blessing would not have been as exciting if I had been on my own. Jake and Steph and our other missionary friends have walked along side of us this entire journey. They have shaped our expectations, perspective, attitude, strategy and philosophy. The difference of where would have been without them compared to where we are now is rather hard to fathom. A few weeks ago I was looking for an old email and I came across dozens of old conversations with Jake as I wrestled with how to pursue full time missions. Credit where credit is due, Sara and I would not be missionaries if it were not for them. Another undeserved blessing.

Friends and Famiy
This year in Taiwan was a joint effort in many ways. Thank you to everyone who supported the work financially. Even more thanks for your prayers. We also appreciate the great questions and encouragement we received along the way. We hope that we have communicated in a way that has helped you to praise God with us as he has worked in Taiwan. He deserves more worship than we alone can give!

Most importantly, we are incredibly blessed with the gift of faith. This past week I’ve seen several friends reject the gospel in different ways. It was such an easy and casual decision for them as they are all blinded by the deceitfulness of sin. I have been in their shoes, I also turned my back on God in many ways. I also had a hard heart. I also had idols that consumed my worship. Why he chose to love me, to pursue me as I ran away, to die while I was still his enemy, I can not explain. The gospel is an overwhelming blessing of God’s grace. The graciousness of it is very real to me today.

Lastly, and I’m sure she will disapprove of me writing this, I am incredibly blessed to be married to Sara. She has been tireless in her service to Throne church and especially to Sherry, Roya, and Lexi. Over and over again, she proclaims God’s word, without expressing an ounce of fear or shame. In this I look up to her, and have learned a lot from her. Throughout the entire time, she has been studying one of the hardest languages in the world. That process is humbling, mind numbing, and painstakingly slow. She will tell you that she had a bad attitude about it, but that is just her modesty. She has been a trooper the whole time. I don’t deserve the blessing of being married to Sara.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has walked along side us in this journey. We look forward to catching up and sharing more in the next few weeks


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