2016 Outlook

2016 Outlook

Gospel to China | January Update

We have exciting news to share. As of January 3rd, Gospel to China is officially a ministry of Palmyra Grace Church. The church is our new sending agency! This is a big step forward for us, and we are very thankful to all of you who have been praying with us for a solution.

The primary result of that decision is that we are able to move forward in our supporter raising process. We have been calling and emailing churches within our fellowship, asking for opportunities to share about our ministry sometime during this coming year. We’ve already scheduled over a dozen churches, and Lord willing we will fill up our schedule fast.

This stage of ministry is one of the most crucial pieces of our training. It is the first time that we are really setting our own schedule without daily direction. This is similar to the pressures and responsibilities that we will have on the field. What I’ve begun to learn all over again is that I can only lead as well as I’m following my King, Jesus Christ.

We have high hopes for this year. Not only are we praying that God will provide the majority of our financial support, and not only are we hoping that we will grow in both our intellectual and practical understanding of scripture, but most importantly, we are anticipating that we will learn to trust and treasure Jesus in new ways!

Prayer Requests

1 We are very thankful that God has worked out many of the details of our sending arrangement.

2 Pray that God gives us favor with the pastors and missions team leaders that we are sharing with.

3 Sara and I need your prayers in this season as it is very easy to be discouraged. We may not see the fruit of our labor until months later.

4 Our car has broken down in Maryland for the second timein three weeks. Apparently, it doesn’t like going south of the Mason Dixon line. We were planning to buy a car, but our timeline has been shortened. Pray for wisdom and a quick solution.

New Donation Directions

As of January 3rd, we are now missionaries sent by Palmyra Grace Church to work as church planters with Project China. That means all donations are to now be sent to Palmyra. We will have the online giving portal set up on our website sometime this month. For now, the instructions are as follows.

Write Checks out to:      Palmyra Grace Brethren Church
Memo Line:                    “Gospel to China”
Sent to:                             799 Airport Rd, Palmyra PA 17078


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