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Last year, I learned a very important lesson that helped shape everything I did, although with challenges here and there. It was from a book appropriately titled, Embracing Obscurity: Becoming Nothing in Light of God’s Everything, by, you guessed right, Anonymous. There’s a lot of speculation regarding who the author is with some convinced it’s Francis Chan. Whoever the author is, they did a hell of a job to shake me up!

Anonymous had incredible advice for me:

When we accept that our value is not dependent on what we do or accomplish, we are ironically liberated to do much for Christ. Not “much” in the ways for which we’ve striven up to this point, but “much” in terms of fulfilling the two greatest commandments : loving God and loving others (Matt. 22: 34– 40). It makes sense , doesn’t it? How can we possibly love God or love others from a pure heart while we’re chasing after frivolities to confirm our value?

What a great reminder. Lord, help us to be anonymous.


*Picture is from the cover of Tim Keller’s Freedom of Self Forgetfulness, a very very short book that addresses this topic.


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