The Gospel Brings Us Together

The Gospel Brings Us Together

When I think about Martin Luther King Jr. I tend to be at awe for everything he has done. I believe Martin Luther King Jr. was pointing to a specific place, someone greater. He was pointing to heaven. He gave us a glimpse of of another man, perfect and sinless unlike himself. A man who stood against political forces, suffered, and paid an un-payable debt. This man’s dream was not only to put away earthly inequality and hatred for our fellow man. His dream is for everyone to know and worship their creator together. To worship together without sin. In heaven, will we find cultural barriers, class division, and racism be completely removed. This dream became a reality the moment he resurrected. This man is alive.

Yesterday I was reminded about this truth. As we spent time at About My Father’s Business Grace Brethren Church, Philip closed his message with the following,

“I am from Amish country up in Lancaster. My ancestry is Mennonite and I am a part of ten generations of German immigrants. My wife Sara’s family is from Peru, and she grew up in the suburbs of D.C. in Gaithersburg, MD. We are here speaking in a predominantly African American church in Northeast D.C about taking the gospel to China! Now tell me, what else but the grace of God can make that possible?”

As people settled down their laughs and amens, we all acknowledged that there is someone who is greater than Martin Luther King Jr. His name is Jesus and his mission is for all of us to worship Him forever. The Gospel makes this possible.


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