Why Churches?

Why Churches?

The process we are using to raise support is a little different than what most people do these days. We are primarily asking churches rather than individuals to partner with us. Currently, most ministry workers that raise support primarily ask individuals for support. There is nothing inherently wrong with that, but we feel it is more strategic for us to partner with churches. There are many reasons why we are going this route, but I want to share just one.

For a missionary that is 7,000 miles away from home, the most important piece of his support is the consistency. Coming home to raise support is not an easy task. Most missionaries only come home once every 3-4 years because of the disruption it is to their lives and ministry. In contrast, a college ministry worker can meet with supporters the very same day he is on campus.

Support from churches is protected from disruptions as the group makes a commitment to support the missionary. Many things need to happen in a church for them to completely drop support from a missionary. In contrast, an individual’s budget and goals can change very drastically from year to year.

So, while it will probably take a little while longer to raise support this way, we feel that it will prepare us for many years of fruitful ministry.


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