A Life Well Lived

A Life Well Lived

We sat across the table with a lovely couple named Philip and Julie Parshall. They told us it was refreshing and encouraging to see Philip and I giving our lives to serve God overseas at our age. Mr. and Mrs. Parshall served the Muslim communities in Bangladesh and the Philippines. I listened to their stories and I had to ask these questions, “What kept you going? How did you continue to serve others with the Gospel when you didn’t see any fruit after 13 years?” His answers convicted me.

1. Remember Why You are There. Remember the Goal. 

Don’t be preoccupied with the burden of demonstrating a successful ministry, but in all seasons bring glory to God

Faithfully proclaim the Gospel to those around you

2. A Godly Wife 

A partner who can uplift a discouraged spirit by bringing the focus away from yourself and back to Jesus

Mr. Parshall looks over to his wife and said, “besides God’s grace, it was her. If it wasn’t for her who knows where we would be.” Little did they know, they’d be the ones who’d encourage us. Missionaries who gladly laid their lives down for 42 years for our Savior told us the life we are signing up for is a life well lived.



  1. That is awesome! They sound like a sweet and God-loving couple!

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