Martin Family February Update

Martin Family February Update


1 Praise God for many productive meetings with church leaders that are passionate about reaching the lost.

2 Pray for the rest of our meetings here in Florida. I will be preaching 5 more times in the next 12 days.

3 Pray for the Gospel to China board. We recently set up a small team from Palmyra Grace to provide oversight, accountability, and to manage the administration of our support. Pray that God gives them wisdom as they serve on this team.

Untold millions are still untold

As we’ve been visiting churches and meeting with pastors and missions teams over the past few months, I’ve explained the need in China dozens of times. Recently, I was reminded about the enormity of that need. Frankly, it is easy to speak about the need, but it can be hard to remember it. I was reminded, and I want to remind you as well.

You’ve heard that the church in China is growing, and that is true. We praise God for the many millions who have heard the gospel. The truth is that the number of those who have not heard the gospel is many times larger. It is not just that many don’t believe in Jesus. They have not heard. Roughly 9 out of 10 people our team meets in China know nothing or next to nothing about Christianity. That is why John Wesley’s song,Untold millions are still untold is worth repeating. China still has millions, in fact China has 1 Billion plus, who have not heard the good news.

The tendency of our hearts is to want to focus on other aspects of the need around the world. It is hard to stare directly into the face of such overwhelming need. We pray that God would graciously give us his eyes to see the crowds with compassion and not callousness.


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