Why Raise Support?

Why Raise Support?

This is not a complete defense of raising support. That would require going to scripture and expounding multiple passages. However, I do want to address a common objection to becoming a missionary. People are repulsed by the support raising part of missions.

Why is support raising so terrifying and revolting? Fear and Pride. We prize financial security and predictability. Raising support is not a course in any financial peace university. It isn’t a path to financial peace. and “financial peace” is NOT a path to heaven. Don’t hear that I am saying irresponsibility is a good thing. Rather, our culture has preached the gospel of salvation via financial independence and many Christians unconsciously profess faith in it. Quitting your job, appealing to generosity, and living off of the often inconsistent giving of others is heresy in that religion. Our fear therefore controls us.

On top of that, we are too proud to consider needing other people. Neediness is ugly to secular american culture. We prize self made and independent people. Support raising looks all to much like begging to the american mind. It is a rat scrounging for crumbs underneath a dumpster. No dignified competent person would ever lower themselves to that place.

The insane part is that this betrays our lack of understanding of what support raising actually is. Missions, dead souls being brought to life, is a heartbeat of every child of God. When we share what we are doing for Christ’s kingdom, we receive no scorn. Those we contact are almost universally supportive! We are all in the gospel preaching business, we just have different roles. So support raising is giving like minded people an opportunity to invest in the Great Commission. The greatest danger we face is not discouragement from the lowly feeling of asking others for money, but rather being puffed up by believing the praise that is undeservingly heaped upon us.


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