Northeast China Population

Northeast China Population

Did a little research on good’ole Wikipedia. Here is what I found about the population of Northeast China, also known as Dongbei (东北) Although it is only 8% of China’s total population, there are still around 110 million people. Here is a table of the biggest cities in Dongbei. Depending on who you ask, the percentage of Christians is between 2-5% of this area. The point is, we won’t run out of people to share the Gospel with for a long time.

City Prefecture Level Population Urban Population Estimated Student Population
Harbin 10,635,971 5,282,083 240,000
Shenyang 8,106,171 6,255,921 240,000
Changchun 7,674,439 4,193,073 150,000
Dalian 6,690,432 5,943,000 200,000
Qiqihar 5,367,003 1,481,637
Jilin City 4,413,517 1,975,121
Anshan 3,645,884 1,529,850
Fushun 2,193,000 1,410,000

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