Commit Them To The Lord

Commit Them To The Lord

On Sunday morning people start walking through our door. They come take off their shoes and put house slippers on. Everyone greets Avery as they walk towards the kitchen and ask if I need help with anything. Jillian and Wei help prepare the tea while Liliana helps cut the fruit. Vickie usually walks straight towards Avery and starts playing with her. While Elva tends to arrive a bit later than everyone else. Eventually, we sit around the table with bibles open and we are ready to begin. 

I hope this helps paint a picture of what Sunday morning at our house feels like. Along with thankfulness we can also feel leaving discouraged. Our friend’s weekly objections to the gospel can lead us to believe that there is something that we are doing. Something that is contributing to their lack of faith. Maybe the text was too complicated. Maybe the way we explained the text overcomplicated it. Maybe Philip’s Chinese wasn’t clear enough. Or maybe my kids prevented our guests from focusing. It’s true any of these reasons can be a variable but on one Sunday afternoon we were given another possibility.  

Avery’s nanny, Yan, has been a Christian for eight years. She was able to come on a Sunday morning and share with us her observations. She told us a very much-needed-reminder. Yan pointed out our friend’s hardness of heart in how they ask their questions. They might be very curious but they aren’t really interested in knowing Jesus. Yan talked about the first time she went to church. She said a sister prayed that she might see her sin. Yan recalls thinking to herself, “Wait, I’m not a sinner.” Yan recognized that same spirit in their objections. 

They all take different forms. Liliana said that she is looking into Christianity in hope that it can improve her life. Elva thinks it’s possible that it’s easier for certain people believing in Christ. Those whose parents are Christians or perhaps are inclined to superstitious thinking. These kind of people don’t have difficulties believing in Jesus. Someone like Vickie needs her good deeds to be count for something. Vickie has expressed that she can’t accept a religion that gives no credit to her good deeds for salvation. 

Yan gently exhorted us to commit them to prayer and ask the Lord to do the work that he can only do. The biggest problem on a Sunday morning isn’t mediocre Chinese or certain bible texts or a crying baby. These women need to know their gravest problem is their sin before a holy God. And have humble posture and joyful acceptance of his perfect plan to draw sinners like us to himself. Will you join us in praying for these women. Pray that the Lord would tear down their objections. Pray that the Lord would soften their heart, open their eyes, and let them see their sin and their need for a Savior. 


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