My father was a pastor and my family went to church every Sunday. But, I didn’t become a Christian until I was in college. I heard that he loved me and he died on a cross for me but never understood why. When I left for college, I determined to live by my rules and make my own decisions. I thought that I finally had total freedom.

During my freshman year I stopped by to say hi at a friend’s church. I heard the gospel, was convicted of my sin, repented, and decided to live for Christ. I got involved with a community of Christians who were willing to teach me the bible. These brothers and sisters taught me to be passionate about the Great Commission. It was the first time I was challenged to consider the nations. That summer I spent nine weeks at an orphanage called Rancho 3M in Juarez, Mexico. It was through that trip, and a 2013 missions conference in Tennessee that the Lord impressed on my heart a call to the nations. At the missions conference, a missionary wife challenged me to let go of my small ambitions.


I was raised in an evangelical church and heard the gospel often. As I child I intellectually assented to the truth of the Gospel after a Sunday School lesson. At 17, I felt a deep sorrow for my sin when I was challenged about the hypocrisy of my lifestyle at Momentum youth conference. Later in college I was challenged to completely turn over my will to my Lord.

I committed to serve as a missionary after seeing the gospel at work in 2009 during my trip to NE China. On that trip, I saw the gospel going forth in powerful ways, but preached by normal everyday Christians like you and me. The result was that my priorities were rearranged towards missions. In the 8 years since then the Lord has been preparing me for this ministry. In particular, oneU at Maryland inspired me and equipped with a deeper knowledge of the gospel. The year serving in Taiwan (2014-2015) has deepened my love for the lost and commitment to the Great Commission.

If I had a thousand pounds China should have it- if I had a thousand lives, China should have them. No! Not China, but Christ. Can we do too much for Him? Can we do enough for such a precious Savior?

Testimonial J. Hudson Taylor
J. Hudson Taylor

We desire to work long term as Church Planters in China

God, in His sovereignty brought the two of us from very different contexts to a place of unity and passion about global missions. Over the past five years, our burden for those without Jesus has continued to grow. Our year of service in Taiwan has strengthened our commitment. Serving as interns has given us the practical experience to pioneer a new work. God has worked in our hearts to clarify our desire and passion. Our leaders are supportive and are encouraging us to move forward.

We are passionate about seeing new churches planted in China. China is in dire need of trained Chinese pastors who will also start churches. Our plan is to move to Northeast China in 2017 and finish studying Chinese. The distinctives of our plan are bold evangelism, church planting, leader training. The heart of our ministry will be discipling pastors to pioneer new churches.